How to Write a COVER LETTER in English

cover letter

How to Write a Cover Letter in English


Many individuals out there still question the importance of a cover letter while applying for a job. The answer remains unchanged.

A cover letter is undoubtedly an essential part of your hiring process. One of the critical factors in determining whether you qualify for an interview or your resume goes unnoticed.

What is a Cover Letter?

Usually, a cover letter is a document attached to your work application that explains why you are the right applicant. It introduces you with your Resume or Curriculum Vitae in a more personal way and praises the content, expands on the skills and accomplishments, and highlights a collection of your most outstanding career achievements.

This helps a potential employer gauge your personality better, and if one can stand out and grab their attention, an interview call is undoubtedly in order.  A cover letter should always be well-organised visually, and one must avoid unnecessary cluttering by having a proper structure.

Importance of an Effective Cover letter

An effective cover letter is highly relevant and one best way of stating how your particular skill set and experience meet the job’s demand and makes you the perfect candidate for the job. Consider it as a chance to highlight a strong connection between your expertise, knowledge, and skills and the employer’s needs.

Many employers may reject your CV or refuse to even go through it if they do not like your cover letter’s content, which makes it exceptionally significant in the recruitment process.

cover letter

Consider it like a first impression which adds significant credibility to your job application. You must sell yourself as an ideal potential employee and get ahead of the competition by highlighting your key strengths and enthusiasm for working with their organisation. This would motivate an employer to see how you add value to their team.

Types of Cover Letter

  • Application Letter- This is written for a known job opening with specifications like for what position are you applying for
  • Prospecting Letter- This type enables you to inquire about the possible job openings in an entity.
  • Networking Letter- It is a request for factual information and helps in your job hunt.


Aspects to Cover in Your Cover Letter

For a cover letter to help you achieve your end goal of getting an interview, you must include some essential points in your main body text. It is crucial to understand how exactly to write the best cover letter.

Some of the most vital elements that you must take care of include:

·       Extensive Research

Before you start writing your cover letter for a job, it is suggested to conduct comprehensive research on the organisation you plan to apply to. With thorough research and a clear image of what the company offers you, you will have more robust focus points to highlight why you apply for the job.

·       Impactful/Catchy Start

It is almost necessary to grab your readers’ attention from the beginning of your letter, as most of the hiring managers tend to read the first few lines to assess the potential of a cover letter. The best way to have your reader’s undivided attention is to start with a catchy phrase or quote while continuing to express your willingness to work for their company.

·       Display your Ethics and Morals

You must set yourself as a person of your principles who has the utmost value for their morals and culture. This shows how well you will adjust to the company’s environment.

·       Think Long term

As a CV and resume reflect your past interests and experiences, you can also discuss the aspiring future you see ahead and how you wish to bring value to their team. You must indicate your willingness to grow with the entity and contribute to helping it achieve its vision.

·       Tonality

Do not try to go overboard flattering your reader to tell when someone is fake; staying authentic plays a vital role in establishing the perfect communication. You must avoid sounding too desperate or in need of the job as it would not leave the right image on the reader. You must aim to make your message sound professional and coming from someone mature.

·       Don’t Make it Too Lengthy

Remember, no one likes to read too much text! If your cover letter is too long with many unnecessary details, it may bore the potential employer, and they may skip ahead to a better writeup.

·       Error Free

It would be best if you proofread your cover letter as soon as you finish it. Keep looking for errors like grammatical errors, incorrect use of words. Unprofessional language can lead to a clear-cut rejection from the hiring committee as it reflects your negligence to details.

·       Get it Approved from Someone

After completing your draft, it is advised to get it checked by someone experienced who would give you realistic feedback on your cover letter and tell you what it may lack.

cover letter

A Simple Format to Follow while writing Cover Letter


  • Specify the job position you are applying for and begin your introduction.
  • Mention where you heard about the opening.
  • Briefly emphasize your skills that match the business entity
  • Look for quotes of attention-grabbing opening lines.

2-Main Body

  • Explain why you are interested in the job
  • What makes you the perfect candidate (mention any specific qualifications, skills, employment, and competencies)
  • Elaborate your CV (POST: «How to write a CV /Resume») by highlighting your accomplishments with the kind of abilities you have.
  • You must not brag about your skills but prove tangible examples that display your brilliance and unique skill set.


  • A quick overview of your elements that make you a suitable fit
  • Mention why you specifically want to work for their organisation.
  • Write that you look forward to a job interview to discuss your employment further in detail.
  • Thank them for their time and consideration.

Wrap Up

By now, I feel you know the importance of an efficiently written cover letter, and following some of these pro tips, can guarantee you a better outcome.





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