How to Write a CV in English (‘Resume’ in AmE)

how to write a cv in english

How to Write a CV in English («Resume» in AmE)


If you need to write a CV in English, this article will help you to create a resume that will, for sure, stand up over the rest.

It takes time to draft a professional-looking CV, and one must be patient as their next job hiring depends on it.

A Curriculum Vitae is a self-advertising document used to sell yourself to future employers. This would tell them about you, your past work experience, your talents, skills and accomplishments. A professional CV should eventually highlight why you’re the right person for the position that is yet to be filled.

Did you Know?

‘Leonardo de Vinci is credited for making the first professional CV in 1482 and by 1950 CVs had become a formal requirement to apply for a job.’

Importance of a Professional and Optimised CV (Resume)

Your CV is a valuable tool contributing to your recruitment process. It gives your potential employer a brief idea of who you are and what qualifications do you hold.

A CV is your first direct contact with your potential employer, and therefore, it should be well written. The crisp outlook of a CV plays a vital role in setting the ideal first impression. It should be wisely brainstormed, planned and written with the sole purpose of having an immediate positive impact on the key decision-makers.

The potential employers are looking to gauge your capacity to play crucial roles and responsibilities with past experiences, results and achievements. They check an individual’s academic qualifications to assess their educational background. They aim to see if you have inconsistencies and what sort of value you can add to their core team.

how to write a cv in English

Perks of a Well Written CV in English

  • Creates the ideal first impression.
  • Reduces legalities to your job hunt.
  • Show-offs your past work experience.
  • Grabs the hiring manager’s undivided attention.
  • Offers an opportunity to settle in a company and work towards growth.
  • Gives you the perfect confidence to ace an interview.

How To Draft a Perfect CV in English?

Considering the importance and benefits a good CV offers to a professional, it raises curiosity in masses about the right way to make a great CV.

There are a few guidelines that one must remember to ensure that their CV stands out and provides them with the ideal support they are looking for.

·        Keep it Simple

It is key to note that you need to use authentic serif (easy read print copy) or sans serif (easy read online) fonts. It ensures your potential employer continues reading your CV. Simpler formats give your CV a professional look it requires.

·        Unique

If there is nothing special about you, why would a company hire you? One has to highlight what makes them a better asset to their business. This allows your potential employer to stay interested in getting to know you better and therefore, schedule an interview with you.

·        Proof Reading

You must recheck your CV multiple times after finishing its writing as there is no room for errors. Your CV is an opportunity to set an image on the recruitment manager, and errors like spelling mistakes or incorrect grammar can negatively impact your credibility.

·        Updated Objective Statement

Sending an outdated CV is of no use. It would be best to keep your CV updated to send it out as you see any job openings immediately.

·        Don’t Make it Generic

To highlight the right aspects of your experience for them, figure out who or which business sector your CV is intended for and customise it accordingly.

·        Use a Professional Template

You are not limiting your way to express yourself by following a CV template. Instead, you can witness your CV writing to become more comfortable to read, covering all the essential aspects of your past work experience in a professional CV template.


ATS Friendly CVs

An ATS-compliant CV is a document created to make it easy for the applicant tracking system to analyse the job application. In today’s digital era, HR departments need to use updated methods for going through resumes that save time and effort. The layout is straightforward and easy to search.

Keywords that fit the job ad are also included in ATS-friendly CVs, showcasing relevant work experience and technical skills. Like you use keywords for SEO; for an ATS friendly CV, you will also have to use keywords that would help bring your CV at a better rank and increase your chances of scoring an interview with the organisation you wish to join.

What to Include in your Resume?

·        Personal Statement

A professional summary is also a succinct statement that emphasizes the main characteristics that stand you out from other applicants. It picks out a few important accomplishments and skills placed at the beginning of the CV when expressing career goals. Your cover letter is job-specific; therefore, your CV profile should emphasise the sector to which you are applying.

·        Contact Details

You must include your full home address, mobile number, and email address. Furthermore, if it is an acting or modeling job, you must also include your birthdate and (this depends on the country in which you are applying to work ⇓) a recent picture.

«The reasons for not including a professional photo on your resume in these countries is simple: strict anti-discrimination and labour laws. Companies must be able to prove that their hiring processes are free from any profiling based on race, gender, age, appearance, etc. So, out of precaution, they prefer not to see candidate photos accompanying job applications.» (NovoResume)

DO NOT include a resume photo in the following countries:
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • United States
Include a resume photo in the following countries:
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Scandinavian Countries
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • South America

·        Academic Background

To assess whether you match the business’s requirement, one has to share his/her educational qualifications and certifications that confirm their formal education towards acquiring specific expertise. Knowing a potential applicant’s education background makes it easier for a recruiting agent to make the right decision.

·        Work Experience

To evaluate your credibility and knowledge of the current market, it is better to highlight your roles and responsibilities from previous/current employment. It symbolises the kind of pressure you are used to handling in specific domains.

·        Skills and Achievements

Your tangible skills and achievements encourage a business to measure your performance. Hiring managers see your overall progress in the industry before deciding to have you on board.

·        Hobbies/ Interest

The hiring manager will want to know you beyond your professional life and look for positive activities you keep yourself busy in your leisure time. It reflects one’s personality and shows their interest outside the work environment.

·        References

At this point, there is no need to provide the referees’ names and information. Although most employers will believe you, you could also include this sentence: ‘References available upon request’.

Final Thoughts

Considering the above-said points, it must be clear to a reader how to write the perfect CV in English, that resume would enable them to approach their desired job.

Happy Job Hunting!

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