10 Useful Words And Expressions for your English CV

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10 Useful Words And Expressions for your English CV

Today, we’re going to learn useful words and expressions for your English CV. 

CV stands for «curriculum vitae». Some people refer to it as a resumé (American English), which is also possible. So resumé or curriculum vitae (CV).

These useful English phrases will help you describe yourself in a better way for your English CV. So when you apply for a particular job, people will see you as a possible and hopefully the best candidate for the job.

So let’s start!

1. Highly experienced

Meaning: somebody with a lot of experience, a lot of years of experience, or experience doing different jobs or specific tasks related to the job that you’re applying for 


  • He is a member of the Law Society and a highly experienced lawyer.


2. Proven managerial skills

Meaning: your skills and managing people or difficult situations are beyond reproach; you have experience in a management position


  • An ability to work under pressure and proven managerial skills are required.

3. Motivated

Meaning: someone who is very energetic and enthusiastic about completing a task or goal

You can be motivated:

● to make the best of your career

● to make the best of your skills

● to make the best of your experience

● to change your particular role


  • In secondary school, I was motivated to work on various class projects and assignments.

4. Innovative

Meaning: we use this to describe someone who comes up with new interesting or unusual ideas, perhaps in a marketing context

When you’re applying for a marketing job, it might be good to be referred to as known as understood to be innovative

Somebody who can innovate can come up with fresh ideas and a new approach to selling or a new approach to marketing or manufacturing. 


  • Last week I suggested an innovative idea to my supervisor.

5. A good communicator/Excellent communication skills

Meaning: to excel at communication, to be able to communicate with those above you at an appropriate level and to communicate with those around you and below you


  • Customer service representatives require excellent communication skills.

6. Professional

english cvMeaning: to work and behave in a competent, organised, effective and reliable manner.

Professional in the way you deal with customers. 

Professional in the way you handle yourself at meetings, both internally and externally. 


  • She’s always been professional in her dealings with both customers and co-workers.

7. To use a creative approach (to problem-solving)

Meaning: to not to look at something and be defeated just to look at something and understand and figure out that there’s a way around this

There are always ways around problems. We just have to look at them in a more definitive and creative way. 


  • They used a creative approach to make their idea into a successful business.

8. Good organisational skills

Meaning: to be able to efficiently manage your time, workload and resources and find ways to improve your productivity


  • In this position, good organisational skills are required to be able to manage a heavy workload. 

9. Have strong attention to detail

english cvMeaning: to approach tasks with great accuracy and a critical eye


  • Every member of our finance team must have strong attention to detail to keep accurate financial records and minimise mistakes.

10. Self-starter

Meaning: someone who can work on their initiative


  • We’re looking for a highly motivated self-starter with excellent communication skills, both written and oral.

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So those are some useful words and expressions for your English CV.

Let me just run through them one more time:

● Highly experienced

● Proven managerial skills 

● Motivated or self-motivated

● Innovative

● Excellent communication skills/a good communicator 

● Professional

● To use a creative approach to problem-solving

● Good organisational skills 

● To have strong attention to detail

● Self-starter

Good luck with your job-hunting with your great English CV!



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