Crucigrama sobre Phrasal Verbs (con PDF + answer key)


Hoy vamos a resolver un crucigrama (crossword) en inglés sobre algunos Phrasal Verbs.

Os pongo las pistas en forma de ejemplos y al final del ejemplo está la definición del Phrasal Verb en español para que os resulte más fácil encontrar la respuesta, aunque tengo que admitir que no es un crossword para beginners.

Ya sabéis, Across significa «horizontal»y Down es «vertical».

Al final del post os dejo un link que os llevará a la página de descargas de ejercicios en inglés para imprimir donde encontraréis este crucigrama en PDF con las soluciones del crossword (answer key).

Have fun! 🙂



1. Can you call the station and _____ out what time the train arrives? (enterarse)
6. If you _____ on trying, you will succeed (continuar)
7. Two prisoners tried to get ____ from jail last night (escapar)
11. Jane was very ill, but managed to pull_____ (recuperarse)
12. Don’t wear yourself ___ by working too hard (agotar, cansar)
14. Can I count ___ you for your support? (contar con)
17. My parents are taking me to London. I am looking _____to this trip (estar deseando)
18. Old people often look_____ on over their lives (rememorar)
20. ____ the lights on, it’s so dark here (encender)
23. Can you help me to ____ for my keys? (buscar)
24. ______ up, Martin – we’re already late! (darse prisa)
25. Don’t offer him a cigarette – he has _____ up (dejar, abandonar)
26. It’s pointless relying on people to help you if they let you ___ (decepcionar)


2. Are you telling the truth or are you ____ this story up? (inventar)
3. The effects of this drug ____ off after a few hours (desaparecer)
4. Why don’t you ____ on those yellow trousers? (probarse)
5. I’m sorry I was late but I was ____ up by the traffic (retrasar)
8. Peter asked me to look ____ his cat while he was away (cuidar)
9. My teacher _____ out all the mistakes I had made in my exam (mostrar, señalar)
10. I usually ____ along great with my little brother (llevarse bien)
13. I often have problems keeping ___ with the other students in my class (seguir el ritmo)
15. Please don’t _____ on me because I’m short! (meterse con)
16. The police is _____ into Mr. Smith’s missing money (investigar)
19. You must _____ out my instructions carefully (obedecer)
20. I invited John to my party bu he he didn’t ______ up (aparecer)
21. The meeting was _____ off because too many people were absent (cancelar)
22. A lots of parents are criticised for the way they ____ up their children (criar, educar)

Pincha aquí para descargarte el PDF del crucigrama de Phrasal Verbs + answer key (soluciones)

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