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Swear Words in English- A Foreign Medium of Interaction


Swear words, also known as cuss words, curse words, and obscenities, are considered rude and bad in English speaking countries, such as the US and the UK.

Many ESL teachers and students consider swear words as taboo in the world of learning and teaching English. If you think the same, you need to rethink.

Give a read to this article to know how swear words are used in interaction.

swear words in EnglishForeigners With Amusing English Accents

Living in a digitally advanced era, the masses have easy access to a million hilarious videos on YouTube that display multiple individuals speaking English as a foreign language. In some cases, people with less or no knowledge of the English language are heard speaking swear words.

While some are amusing for their innocence, many are a good watch for how they pronounce or find out their meaning.

Why Teach Swear Words to Foreigners?

Now the question arises, is it okay to introduce English language learner to the English swear words? Isn’t that a negative association with English as a language?

Well, mates! Everyone is open to an opinion but swear words are everywhere and isn’t cussing already a globally practised culture?

Swear words are quite powerful as they convey the emotion, put emphasis on the topic. Some people even find relief in swear words while expressing their emotions.

Thus, teaching swear words in the English language should not be all that bad, after all. Instead, it can be a great way of beginning to take an interest in the language for many. Teaching the swear words to ESL learners can help them in improving their fluency.


Did You Know?

‘An average person speaks around 80 to 90 words daily- 0.5 to 0.7% of the words used are swear words, ranging in use from 0 to 3.4% ?

This means that hearing swears in the English language is one of the most common things out there. Considering that English is a widely spoken language, learning cusses in English surely enables you to an interesting conversation in the bar or perhaps being a cute individual, speaking in a funny accent may draw you much attention.

Some English Teachers Out There!

Not many teachers believe in teaching swear words in the English language as they feel it can be inappropriate and offensive.

Still, it is an important element to learning English and holding a good command over the language. Some not so polite teachers enjoy taking an unconventional method of introducing you to the language.

They may encourage a student to refer to a dictionary for words like ‘cunty‘, which according to the Oxford dictionary, means describing anything that is ‘Objectionable or Unpleasant,’ whereas ‘Cuntish‘ is a way of describing an objectionable and unpleasant person or actions. Swear words help students deepen their connection to the pronunciation and the comprehension of the English language as their second language.

swear words in English

People Abuse a lot!

Needless to say, people from different cultures worldwide often say offensive words, and it seems to be a common practice observed almost every day. Therefore many hot-headed individuals who tend to abuse prefer learning English swear words to be understood by others easily. This is why many foreigners learn to swear words in English as their first English lesson.

One needs to express his/her emotions and what better way than a swear word in English coming straight from the bottom of your heart.

Nonetheless, many foreigners knowing to swear words in the English language is a plus point during unpleasant interactions that they may perceive differently otherwise. If one is being abused and they are aware of it. If not a good exchange of cusses, one can be aware of how the other person feels even if their expressions and tone say otherwise.

fuck in english

Final Thoughts

Considering the points discussed above, it must be clear to the readers that swear words play an important role in the English language. Incorporating it in the language’s learning process is truly an art that not many can master without offending their students.

You may check this great article in which: «Every British swear word has been officially ranked in order of offensiveness» ⇓

It includes, for instance:


  • Arseswear words in English
  • Bloody
  • Bugger
  • Cow
  • Minger
  • Sod-off


  • Arsehole
  • Balls
  • Bitch
  • Feck
  • Pissed/pissed off
  • Shit
  • Tits


  • Bastardswear words in English
  • Beaver
  • Cock
  • Prick
  • Pussy
  • Twat


  • Cunt
  • Fuck
  • Motherfucker

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