English Classes Online: Improve your English with a Private Teacher


English Classes Online have become almost necessary, catering to the language needs of masses.

If you want to become fluent in speaking English, you must look for a platform that best matches your learning needs. To help you with this, we have sought one of the best online English learning platforms where you can enjoy customised learning anywhere and anytime you want and pay per lesson.

Sounds interesting, right? 

Why do you need English Classes Online?

Online English courses offer students a busy or hectic schedule to register in a class depending on their availability and have greater control over their class timings, and of course, learning pace.

This flexibility allows a student to study the English language with greater attention and ease of mind. Thus, English classes online have made the language learning process more interesting for the students making it easier for them to understand what is happening in the class. 

Most online English classes are commenced involving a third-party video conferencing app such as Skype that allows a teacher to use their teaching method that the students easily understand

Besides personalised online classes, some teachers are also willing to teach a smaller group of students which means that one can interact with other learners. Also, the teacher’s overall cost would be cheaper as it is equally divided amongst the students. 

Many different platforms offer ESL and EFL learners to learn English online.

One of the most reputable and recommended platforms for learning English online is iTalki that help a student reach its full potential. 


iTalki is an online platform that connects ambitious individuals wishing to learn a foreign language with reliable and professional teachers via video chat. While different languages being offered such as Japanese, Russian, Chinese and many more, our focus will mainly be on the English language.

They have a variety of teachers from all over the world, both native and non-native. This is because iTalki doesn’t rely on the fact that if a teacher is native, they can be good teachers too. Therefore, there are always other alternatives present for the students to choose from.

Prices of Online English Classes with iTalki

English Classes OnlineConsidering the prices of English classes online it varies depending on the teacher. Now you may be thinking about how to figure out if the teacher is actually worth the money, they are charging you by the number of hours?

Well, you have nothing to worry about. For this particular reason, you have reviews of other students highlighting the benefits of studying from their respective English teachers. 

To assess your chemistry with a teacher; their teaching style and personality, students, have several ways to check which teacher is most appropriate for them.

Some of them are as follows:

  • Demo Class for Free– What better way to know a teacher’s potential than a demo class, mostly given free of cost or at nominal pricing. 
  • Presentation Video– Each teacher usually has a presentation video to see if you like their accent, tone of voice, way of expressing themselves, etc. 
  • English Articles– Read an article written by that particular teacher. See if you like the topic they have chosen in their article (for example, slang, street language) and whether you like the tone they use to address their readers or not. What’s important here is to understand if you get their points and engage with their content. 

Language Exchange 

iTalki is also a forum for language exchanges (not merely English). You will find individuals from all over the globe with whom you can swap languages after registering. You can check for members with similar interests to yours. Just click on the above tab where it saysCOMMUNITY where you’ll find Language Exchange.

English Classes Online

Polish your English Writing Skills with iTalki

There are different methods of improving your writing in the English language.

Some of them are as follows:

  • Exchange Messages– By exchanging messages with other members, you can communicate with others in English to improve your fluency. It is ideal for those who are shy to speak a foreign language. However, after a point, speaking also becomes essential.  
  • Notebook– iTalki will provide you with a notebook where you can write in English, and the community members will correct you. You may also read other student’s notebooks or correct those of other people who are studying your mother tongue.
  • Group Discussions– There is also a discussion group and subject section where individuals with the same perspective can comment on various topics and debate. You can ask and answer questions about the English language. 

A teacher is only a guide; You Must Work Hard!

With changing time and trends, it is crucial that we also update our learning process and choose to benefit from advancements like online English courses. However, it is critical to note that a teacher will only guide you while you will actively have to take interest and put in the required effort to achieve effective results.  

Happy Learning! 


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