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Sex Vocabulary that You should Know the Meaning of (sexual slang)


The informal English language has a more relaxed tone and chilled out vibe, so many people use naughty English words when talking with their friends and significant others. When I say naughty English, my point of focus is on widely used sex vocabulary that helps you describe the process of sexual intercourse in its greatest appeal. 

Good knowledge of sex vocabulary help bring two individuals in the right mood for sex. It’s quite hard to believe if any couple in 2021 doesn’t enjoy dirty talking in their bed, leading to passionate sex throughout the night. 

It’s time to say goodbye to plain English words to describe sex. We have enlisted some essential sex slangs and vocabulary for you to use when discussing or having ‘SEX’. 

Let us warm you up with these naughty slangs.

Beware! Some of these words may leave you giggling…

Words Describing the Act of Sexual Intercourse 

  • Make love

When two people in love have sex, their focus is more towards the romantic aspect of intercourse and, therefore, label intimacy as the ‘act of making love’

  • Bang 

This is instead a more colloquial term referring to two individuals having some good sex. 

  • Do it 

This literal act is summed up into the label of ‘doing it’. It’s mostly used amongst those who are quite comfortable in each other’s company and may bring it up as a question. E.g., a friend asking, Did you guys finally do it last night?’. 

  • Hook up 

‘Hooking up’ describes a sexual encounter between two individuals who are not in a dating or serious relationship. They do not anticipate anything more than vaginal, anal, or oral sex.

  • Bonk 

An old-fashioned informal British way of referring to ‘two people having a sexual encounter’

  • Score

This slang sportive term is referred to a particular sexual encounter between two people; perhaps one would be gorgeous. 

  • Pound

This is more of a description of having vigorous sexual pleasure on the giving end and seems like a wild option for the receiver.  

  • Get Laid 

In the American English language, this is more of slang for having sex. 

  • Get Lucky

This phrase refers to casual sex with someone, especially someone you’ve just met. The term ‘Lucky’ may be in order if the individual has been facing a dry patch for an extended period of time. 


Terms to Understand Your Dynamics with Your Special Friend 

  • One Night Stand

This is a circumstance in which you have sex with someone once, but you do not engage in a relationship. It’s just a one-time thing and can be with a stranger or someone you’ve already known but were never in a sexual relationship. 

  • No Strings Attached

If you happen to have sex more than once, but there is no commitment, no promise of a future, no serious relationship or exclusivity but just occasional casual sex. It’s also known as ‘fooling around’ 

  • Fling

If you have a very short sexual relationship, let’s say sex with just one person for a few months. It is very passionate, but only for a few months (or weeks), and you know it’s not going to progress into anything more serious. This is known as a typical fling.   

  • Dating 

When you are wholly dedicated and committed to having sex with one person and no one else, you are in a serious relationship. You can say, ‘we are dating’ or ‘we are together.’     

  • Open Relationship

Some kinky couples out there are quite open-minded. While they are in a committed relationship, they may decide to allow their partner to have sex with someone else. It’s highly suggested to set some boundaries and rules for such an arrangement to work out successfully. This is known as an ‘Open Relationship’.  

  • Extramarital Sex

When a married person has sexual intercourse with someone they are not married to, then that is ‘Extramarital Sex’ or most commonly referred to as an ‘Affair’. In such a situation, the person engaged in sex outside their marriage is ‘cheating’ on their partner. The husband or wife may be completely unaware of what their significant other may be up to.   

Things to Know in Sex Vocabulary 

  • Erection

An erection is a physiological process in which, when sexually aroused, the man’s penis becomes firm, swollen, and enlarged. Slang for the word erection can be ‘lob on’, ‘hard on’, ‘standing in attention’ or ‘boner’. If you’re half-erect, it is known as ‘semi on’. Furthermore, when someone faces a problem in getting erect, then that is called ‘erectile dysfunction’.    

  • Wet

When a woman is aroused, she will produce vaginal lubrication, called ‘being wet’. Blood flow to their genitals increases when a lady is sexually aroused so that the vulva and clitoris swell and the vagina lubricate itself, called ‘Getting wet.’ This lubrication helps with friction and makes vaginal sex more relaxed and comfortable.  

  • Foreplay 

Foreplay is an ambiguous term that includes different things such as kissing, sharing fantasies, or touching each other’s genitals for pleasure or teasing. Foreplay is considered one of the most common ways to get in the right mood for sex and prepare your body. A man tends to ‘get hard’ (erected) while a woman’s sexual excitement increases vaginal lubrication (‘get wet’).

  • French Kiss

French kiss, also known as a ‘deep kiss’ or ‘tongue to tongue kiss’, is a passionate and intimate kiss in the informal English language. The tongues of the partners reach to touch each other’s lips or tongue.

  • Grope

When used in a sexual sense, groping is sexually touching or fondling another person; it typically has a negative connotation and is considered in most cultures to be molestation. However, if done in a consented situation, it may lead to a kinky massage.

  • Masturbation 

Masturbation is the self-stimulation of the genitals to achieve sexual gratification and pleasure to the point of sexual climax or orgasm (‘to cum’ in English slang). It is usually done before orgasm is reached by rubbing, stroking, or massaging the penis or clitoris.

A nicer way to put it would be to ‘play with yourself’. The slangs include ‘wank’, ‘jerk off’, or ‘five knuckle shuffles’, ‘spank the monkey’, ‘toss’, ‘bash the bishop’, etc.

There are multiple phrases and terms used to describe women wanking themselves, such as ‘frig‘, ‘polishing the pearl’ or ‘flicking the bean’, 

  • Fingering

If a woman happens to be in the company of a fantastic individual who helps her masturbate using their fingers and insert them inside her vagina, it is known as fingering. A girl may squirt and release her fluid.

  • Handjob/blowjob

When a person uses his/her hand to stroke a man’s cock and helps them cum. If a woman uses her mouth, then that is known as a blowjob or bj (bi-jei).

In Closing…

To enjoy your sexual pleasure without any misunderstanding, in a safe environment, you must know the right naughty English words of proper sex vocabulary (sexual slang) that will help you enjoy the time of your life 😉


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