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The English Language Can Change Your Life – Here’s Why

Have you heard of the recent saying that “the world is a global village”?

English languageWell, the people in the village would need to communicate, wouldn’t they?

With modern technological advancements, it’s not difficult to communicate and reach out to the people living on the other side of the world. But how do you talk and interact with them if you don’t know what they are saying? This is where the English language comes into play. 

Being an international language, it has broken the language barrier between native speakers of two different languages. Besides, speaking English enables you to broaden your world, right from finding job opportunities to relate to diverse people belonging to foreign countries. 

The English language can help you make a real connection with different people. You can know more about their varied cultures, lifestyles, and places. Therefore, the more proficient you are in the English language, the better you will express yourself.

Reputation as the International Language

Approximately 1.27 billion people speak English worldwide, whether as a native language or as a second language. It has gained popularity as the official international language due to its wide usage globally. It is the official language in 55 countries and the most common second language in many countries worldwide.

English is the Language of the Internet

Around 4.66 billion people use the internet globally. Most sites, videos, movies, or articles that are available on the internet are in English. You can easily access all your favourite websites, films, articles, social media, and videos if you understand English without the need for translations or subtitles. 

Many people use the internet for research purposes, to build connections, and to conduct businesses globally. Knowing the English language for ESL learners makes it effortless to interact with people worldwide and pave their way to success by choosing the online route. 


English is a Traveler’s Best Friend

English language

As mentioned before, English is spoken all around the world; therefore, it is beneficial to learn the English language for students who want to study abroad and travel freaks who love to travel worldwide. It will be a trouble-free experience for you if you speak English.

Whether it’s for emergency situations, asking for directions, airport announcements, or reading street signs, the English language will always help. You are also guaranteed to find someone who speaks or understands English to make travelling a better experience.  

The Bar Goes High on Career Opportunities

Do you want to work at an international level? Or want your business to bloom to new heights and gain a reputation globally?

English language skills would help you succeed in any business venture or career path you choose. Many companies worldwide hire professionals who are fluent in English because it is believed that you are well-educated if you are fluent in English speaking, writing, and reading. So, learning the English language would boost your career opportunities. You can make your name by working all around the world.

Learning English, Learning the International Culture

Most movies, music, and books worldwide are in English or translated into the English language. Learning English allows us to access all that information about the countries, traditions, cultures, and values. Therefore, the English language makes it easier for us to grasp people and cultures found globally.

Access to all the Literature in the World

Learning English will also give you access to all the great classical literary works. Not only that, expanding your knowledge by studying further in international colleges and universities would become more manageable if you have the power of the English language under your belt. Also, the top educational institutes, publishers, and journals worldwide use English in all their study programs, books, and presentations. 

Ending Thoughts…

Whether it’s for reading one of your favourite books, travelling the world, educational purposes, or professional growth, learning English in today’s era is indispensable. These are some of the reasons why you should keep pursuing your thirst for knowledge regarding the English language.


Happy Learning! 

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